Create Recurring Series of Events error

We have made our own calendar through skuid and one of the options we would like to add is creating a recurring series of events. When making a new event on the calendar, however, the check-box is grayed out not allowing me to check it. This is preventing us from creating the recurring series. If I make a new skuid page and put the same field there it does allow me to check it and create the event. This issue happens only when creating an event from the calendar.

The image below shows my problem.


Hi, Michael,
It sounds like you are able to check/uncheck the isRecurring field when creating a new event, but not when you’re modifying an existing event? It looks like this is actually a characteristic of Salesforce events. Salesforce does not allow you change an event to or from “recurring” once it is created. You can change fields such as Recurrence Type and Recurrence Interval, which will create/delete individual events corresponding to the recurrence pattern, but you can not actually change the isRecurring field. Does this address your question?

This is when I am trying to create a new event. I click the on blank space on the calendar to create new event and I am able to add information to every field in the pop-up except the check-box  IsRecurring. If I make a completely new skuid page however and use it to make a new event I am able to check the IsRecurring check-box. it seems that this is an issue when just creating an event from the calendar itself.


Hm, that is very strange. Just to clarify your situation a little further, are you:
(a) Trying to add the event first to a calendar (which doesn’t work), and then to a table (which does work),
or (b) Trying to add the event to a calendar in two different Skuid pages, and one calendar works, the other doesn’t?
or (c) something else, and I’m not getting your question right? :slight_smile:

If it is scenario (b), would you mind sharing the xml for the page that isn’t working?

It is scenario (a) except I’m just adding the event through a field editor. (I haven’t tried a table)

Actually, Michael, do you mind sharing the xml with me for the page that’s not working? If you’d rather send it by email, you can send it to Thanks!

I have sent it by email.


Sorry, Michael, can you try it one more time? I don’t think I got it.

Yep, it’s sent

After looking at Michael’s page, it looks like the issue is with using the default popup in Skuid. If you create a custom popup for the event source and include the fields needed, you are then able to edit the isRecurring field.

Hi Emily I posted this:

I am trying to pass the Id of an Item in a row I select from one Step to another when I create a Wizard in Skuid. I can’t pass it as a URL param in the Steps.
Basically its to create a new quote.

The user Selects a Lender in Step 1, this Id is passed to Step 2 which shows Lender Plans, filtered by Lender Id in Step 1
In Step 2 the User selects a Lender Plan and proceeds to Step 3, both the Lender Id and Lender Plan Id need passed to Step 3, where I want to create a new Quote using the Lender Ids

Can you help as I’ve been looking at this for days and I’m getting no replies at present to anything I post in the community.

Eddie, just responded to your other post.