create parent record and then child record on row action

Can i create a parent record and child record on a row action?

I am displaying data from one object in a table. The table has a row action which should create a record in another object (Master) and then take the id of the newly created master record and create a record in the child object 

You can absolutely do this. Your row action should “run multiple actions.” Within it, you’ll have two “create new row” actions.

Be aware that as soon as you create a row, the context for the rest of the action framework with be the newly created row.

Thanks! that helped

Also. Make sure the model for the parent record above the model with the child record.

You guys are great!  Vineet, let us know if you can work this out.  The context iss ue that Matt mescribes is an important gotcha. 

yes, i have it setup that way

Yes, it worked. Thanks Rob!

Glad to know…