Create new theme Error!

Dear Community,
i have a problem with creating a custom theme from standard SKUID theme - see attached screenshot.
When i go Theme Page and hit “Create New Theme” i get the dialogue to chose Base Theme, but once i enter and kind of name and hit the “Launch Theme Composer Button”, i receive an error. The only other button i have is the Cancel Button, so i don’t think there is much i could have done wrong…?
Many thanks, Wolfgang

Hi Wolfgang,

Never experienced this issue, but you can try the following, see if it helps:

1- See in developer console if u see any specific error (under console tab)

2- Instead of creating a new one, try to open the them composer for an existing one, and clone it, then save and make your changes

3-Are you an admin? if no, make sure you have permission to edit Theme?

Hope it helps