Create new SF Account from an External Database Source

I would like to know if it is possible to convert an external database Record into a SF Account record.

My plan is to establish an external Odata connection to my SQL database (hosted on AZURE)…I would then like to crete an Action that will grab data from the external database and create a new SF Account (populating the SF Account with data from my external database)…

Is this possible?

Yeah that sounds totally doable. Here are some thoughts of a few different ways to accomplish this:

  •  You’ll have at least two Skuid models on the page, one with your SQL database as the source and one on the Salesforce account record. 
  • Your Account model can be set to not load model data on page load.
  • I envision the SQL model being linked to a table, with row action called “create account record.”
  • Have that row action “run multiple actions” including: Create new row on account model. Click on the plus sign next to this action to add field defaults. You can populate each field default with the field name from the SQL object, for example for the Account Name field, use {{name}} or whatever the name field from your SQL Database comes through as.
  • You can connect that Account model to a field editor so that when the new record is created, it populates the field editor and you can add or tweak values before saving. 
  • You could hook this process up to the Wizard Component.
  • you could also do that via a mass action, to create a Salesforce Account for each checked SQL row with the default field merge values specified as described above.

Was that helpful? Confusing? Do you have more questions or clarifications about what you want to accomplish?

Here are a few tutorials that may help get you started: