Create new rows in a table added on a pop-up

I have added a table in a pop-up.I am not able to add new rows to the table by clicking on’+’ icon.Is this a limitation?

You don’t see the plus sign or nothing happens when you press it?

I can see the plus sign but nothing happens when i press it.I tried adding the same table outside the pop-up and it was working.Rows were getting created on clicking the plus sign for a table created outside the pop-up.But the same table is not working inside the popup

It should behave the same in or out of a pop up. I would see if the same thing happens in a different browser. I typically use chrome for Windows 10 and haven’t had any issues creating a new row in a pop up. As a work around you can add a global action to your table that creates a new row or add a page title button or navigation button where the action creates a new row on the model.

Anjali:  I suspect you have a context condition on the table, which is not getting applied when you create the new row.   Here is how you can test this. 

1. In the browser console show the contents of the model driving your table.  Use this syntax:   skuid.$M(‘ModelName’).data    This will show you all the entries in the model. 

2. Push the button in the table.  Look again at the model data and see if a new row has been created.  (push the up arrow to reload the console statement)  If a row has been created, you can look in its data to see all the values - and see whether the context condition would have correctly caught it. 

You may have to create a custom “add row” button that uses the action framework to add a row to the model and pre-populate that row with the value that makes the row show up in that particular popup table. 

Let me add to Anjali’s post. We have a Table that displays all the Order Line item. when the user clicks row action we are showing a Popup, this Popup has a table. It always shows "No to Display

Then the context conditions stuff that I refer to above is even more critical. 

Thanks Buddy, working just fine :slight_smile: