Create New Row Option Not populating Conditionally assigned data

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I have row action button on a Opportunity Table. When this button is clicked , I am opening a pop-up . On this Pop-up i have 2 sections , one sections shows the one of its Child records with Model as (ChildModel1) and condition as Related Childs . On the Other Section I am display field editor with Model as ChildModel2 and condition as Recordtype.Name = “Recordtype.Name” Defined, Which will be rendered when User Clicks on the “New” Button on the 1st section(Table View Section).


In-order to archive this I have Used “Create a new row” Action on “New” Button , which is on the 1st section of pop-up. when this button is clicked , a row is Created on the Second Section of Pop-Up. But Conditions added to model are not reflecting on the new row created. Condition Recordtype.Name is not applied , due to this Pick-list values are not applying as per the RecordType.

Pop-Up On Row Action:



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I’m pretty sure that you need to make an additional condition point to the record type reference field directly, rather than on the name in the parent object. 

Hi Rob ,

if I understand correct , are you asking me to add condition -- assigning id from recordtype Model to recordtypeID of "Id_New_Wf_Deal_Team" Model?

if Yes , I have tried this as well..!!

if not, can you explain me in detail.

For new records if you are going to prepopulate a record type you need two conditions:  
1. Record type ID:  So that the actual reference can be identified 
2. Record type. NAME:  So that the pretty name is shown in your new record form, instead of just the number. 

Thanks Rob… :slight_smile: