Create new records at the bottom of related list table

Whenever I try to create a new record inline, an empty row opens up at the top. How to make the empty row open up at the bottom of the list instead?

While the Skuid Table Properties enables you to turn on the green button (by checking Allow Inline Record Creation), it does not currently provide options for the location of the new row.

An alternative is to use a Global Actions to create a new button that does enable you to determine the location of the row.

For example, if you go to your Table’s properties, then you will see a section for Global Actions. To add a Global Action, click the expand arrow next to Add Features and select Add Global Action.

Change the Action Type to “Create new row”. After the property options change, you can change the Place row… drop down menu to “At end of table”. You can change the icon and label for the button, if you like. Save the page and preview to see if it looks right.

The button will be placed above the table. It will not be in the table header like the “inline record creation” button.

You may want to get rid of the “inline record creation” button. If so, then go back to Skuid Table Properties and uncheck “Allow Inline Record Creation”.

Let me know if this has the result you want!