create new opportunity from contact or account std SF "new opportunity" button

I tried to look and search in skuid community similar cases and the ones I have found were giving me directions but not much details or were not directly connected with what we are trying to do exactly.
I am looking for a simple example to reproduce what does in std process.
When users click on new opportunity button from one account then account name is automatically added to the opportunity and when users click on new opportunity from one contact then new opportunity is automatically associated to the Account and create new opportunity contact role automatically from the contact they created the new oppty.
I have tried different ways but could not make it work properly unfortunately.
Can anyone help by any chance by sending a simple xml  example with opportunity, accounts, contacts, oppty contacts roles models and connections between the different models to make SF std above functionality working the same from oppty create page in skuid ?
Here is the test xml page I have been started working one.
Thank you.

You should check out our Skuid for CRM package.   It has an account detail page that does opportunities the way you describe.…

Or just get the Account detail page here:

The contact behavior is a bit more complicated since it requires the creation of two records,  but that is totally feasible.  The “create new opportunity” button on the contact record merely needs to create both a new opportunity record and a new contact role record.  Prepopulation actions on these two actions can pass the contact’s ‘accountId’ to the opporutnity and both the contactId and OpportunityID to the contact role record.  

Do some research here on the community for more information on creating 2 related records in one action.  Skuid does it well and its pretty slick!