Create New Account/Contact in a wizard and Pass newly created Account ID to a page include in same w

Hi Maybe, it’s something simple that I am missing, but tried every way i could and it does not want to work for me

I have a wizard that on Step 5 Creates an account and related contact, and Step 6 of wizard have some page includes, to which i want to pass the 'Account ID"

If i don’t save the newly created account, it send the 'Temporary ID" assigned by skuid, so does not work

If i save the Newly Created account, for some reason , a complete other random Account ID is being sent

I tried using the Defer Rendering of Step Contents on the wizard, but it does not help

On the page include from step 6, i have this query string: id={{$}}

and in the Page include itself, the model condition is: Account__c=(param)Id

Can anyone please help me?


Hi Dave,

I believe you are close based on the details shared. If you add a template with the {{$}} merge variable in the page include. Do you get the new account id you are expecting?

If you are still stuck is it a page you can share and I can reproduce in local org?

Let me know.



I noticed that ‘id’ in your query string is different from ‘Id’ in your model condition on your page include.  The query string has a lower case ‘i’.  The model condition on your page include has an upper case ‘I’.  If you copied these to your community post, this difference may be why the new Account Id is not getting passed in.



Thanks Bill! Just noticed that on second pass.

Thank you all for your help, but the error was a pretty stupid one from my end…

All worked fine, but for some reason, in action sequence, I  was re-querying the model that created the new record, so it would lose the ID of the newly created Record.

Removed that and All works fine, now

Thank you!