create formula for the value of a new row item

I am creating a new row item from the products table,   What I want to do is make a calculation that hits two models and then does math to get a new value that I can then pass to as a variable when creating a new row. 

i.e. I want to take get the result of ( products.BasePrice * Oppurtunity.CommissionRate ) 

and take that result and put it into the value of a table action propery

My guess is that I have to write some formula in the value for the table action property 

I looked around and thought that VALUE({{BasePrice}})+VALUE({{Oppurtunity.CommissionRate}}) might work but it comes out as text.   

Any ideas? 

Hi Ambrose.

You can create a Ui Only Field on your resulting Model and set the display type to ‘Formula’ and Formula Return Type to number and your formula could look something like this: ({{$}} * {{$}}) / 100 – the formula addresses the model with the data you want to calculate and the inserts the value into the UI only field which you could use to update and store on the desired field. Here is the XML. I am using Ui only models here. Just create a new page and choose ‘Paste XML from a prebuilt page’ and copy and paste the XML in.

({{$}} * {{$}}) / 100 NumbersModel