Create Enhanced Notes - ContentNote

In Millau release Skuid has a declarative option to Upload attachments to ContentDocument  which is extremely helpful in migrating to “Files” for all attachment needs.

But i still could not find any declarative option to Create Enhanced notes (ContentNote). Enhanced Notes provide users the rich text options which is currently missing from our Skuid Pages. 

We can query ContentNote and ContentDocumentLink objects to view all the notes that have been created but there is no option to create and edit them within Skuid. 

This is a hightly sought out feature by our end users.  So what we would like to know is if there are any plans to incorporate it in Skuid Declaratively? If yes then i would really appreciate if you can provide us some timeline on when can we expect it to be available. As based on it we can plan our development to use Skuid vs SF Lightning pages.


I am also unable to create an Enhanced note from within a Skuid page that looks identical to what I can create from within the Notes in Lightning. Like you, I do see them appearing in a table of ContentDocumentLink objects. I’m checking internally on this and will let you know what I find out. 


Thanks Karen. 

Besides Rich Text there is another reason why we want to use ContentNote is that it uses “File Storage” vs “Data Storage” used by old “Note” object. With Salesforce Data Storage is limited and Expensive.

So i would really appreciate if  this feature gets added to Skuid.



Thanks for clarifying the value that Enhanced Notes offer. Product engineering has confirmed that this is not something that Skuid currently integrates easily with. We will bring this feature request up with our product management team for consideration in a future release. 

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention!

Highly recommend to add note from within a Skuid page.