Create default row for empty model when queried after pageload

I have a use case where I don’t want to load a model on page load, because there’s a good chance it will not be needed at all. However, if I do need it, I’d like the model to create a default row if there isn’t one.

I suppose I could run some javascript on query to create a row if there isn’t one… but it seems like a fairly simple thing. Is there any way with the action framework?

Can you trigger off some event e.g. user clicking a button?

I was hoping to go with a model action based on a field change. A button would work, too, to initiate the query.
I can always create a row in the action sequence,… but I don’t want to create a row if a row exists that meets the criteria.

Yup, maybe next version of the AF :slight_smile:  Sounds like you are back to JS.