Create copies of a record for several users

Anyone have any ideas on how I could take a single record and make a copy of the record for each of several users I choose? Let’s say I own a task and I want to create copies of that task for three of my coworkers. Same task, four copies, four owners. Has anyone tried something like this?

Hey Raymond -

If the number of target users is fixed, you could build this using the action framework.  Given your description, I think you are wanting something more dynamic and unfortunately, there is no looping logic in the action framework yet (Skuid Team - Control structures added to framework would be awesome!).

Here’s my thoughts:

1) Have the user identify the “task to clone” using either a table, detail page, etc.
2) Once identified, trigger a popup that has the user select from a table of users
3) In the table of users, have a global action that calls javascript snippet
4) In the javascript snippet, iterate the list of users that was selected.  For each user, clone the task and set the owner to the user.  Have all the cloned records stored in a model that you then call “save” on once the iterating is complete.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Barry! Your solution is a little different than what I had cobbled together mentally. I figured there would have to be a Java snippet in there somewhere as the number of users is indefinite. I turn into a big whiney baby when I hear Java! I found some code from another post on the community that I can use as a template. Thanks for your help. I’m going to post an idea to the community to add “iterate through model” to the action frame work. Thanks

Hi Raymond~

Were you able to get it to work?


Thanks for check in! I have not attempted it yet. It is for a new org I’m building out. This functionality is not the highest priority so it will probably get bumped out a couple weeks. Thanks

I remember a year or so ago when Pat Vachon had the same aversion to javascript Raymond, completely natural.  That said, Pat does some awesome things with Skuid now due to his new found javascript skills.  Skuid itself is awesome, but to really harness the power, javascript is a near must.  Embrace it my friend, you’ll be glad you did.  Let me know how it goes for you and if there is anything I can do to assist.  Good luck!

As for the iterate through model idea, I’d +1 that right away.  Another situation where having a stock feature to do this would be great but also having “custom actions” would be even better.  You could put together a “custom action” in a short period of time, and then use it within the action framework to accomplish what you need.  In short, minimizing the javascript required and getting a new framework action that is reusable.  Feel free to vote up custom actions at

You are probably right about java script. It isn’t that bad once you get into it, but the idea of stumbling through the beginning makes me cringe. Between Skuid and work flows and controllers and triggers I am hoping to skirt around the need for Java! “Here is my iterate through model action” idea: .