Create contacts for new account in one page

If possible, can I have one skuid page which will create an account as well as create multiple contacts for the account and save the new contacts and account in one multi action button? Contact Id(s) and account ID would need to be written to a junction object at the time of saving so I believe the process would go: save account and get Id, save and get Id’s from Contact, add rows to junction object which would relate accounts to contacts.

HI Glenn,  Yes! You can use a Wizard to do this!  Here’s an example of how to create an object + related records at once  (just use the account object instead of the contact object as the main page object).

Rob suggested you use a model action that creates a junction object record (with the Contact field equal to {{Id}}) every time a contact record is created. Model order here is important.  Account — Contact — Junction object…   And then you just have a on your junction object where Account Id = the Id from the Account Model.

Does that make sense? Let me know if you run into any problems!

I recently did a version of this, not entirely on 1 page but with redirects it basically did a circle. On my contacts tab I used the the run multi action option for my save button. After filling in all the contact info required the save button would render. After clicking on it a pop up would appear showing 2 buttons. 1 save and continue to contacts the other save and create an account. When you click on the save and create an account it redirects you to a blank account page which includes tabs to create the new accounts, new opportunities, new case studies, new leads, and any other additional contacts. I then have a redirect on that save button to take you back to the original contact list view which is where the original create new button was. So I created 2 diff. pages with lots of add ons with actions to make this circle back around. If you want I can post a few screenshots of the actions I have set on all the buttons, again if this is a possible direction you would want to go or if you think it might help you come up with your own version. 
Just let me know.