Create a template of a table to reuse in a new page

I have a series of tables that currently are all on their own pages but using the same or similar models. I’d like to be able “clone” each of the tables within your Tab Set feature as tables on a tab instead of a table on it’s own page. Unfortunately, this means I either have to build from scratch or get a developer to help me with the XML. Of course, the latter is preferable to rebuilding from scratch, however ideally the tool would allow me to save my table as a reusable item that I could add in from the new Tab Set on a new page.

One of many variations.

I can easily see Skuid doing something where any component can be setup as a template for use on any page. Similar to Master-Child page setup, but without needing the master page in order to make use of a master page to use the template.

We often make use of the Master page as a central location for snippets and even some models. Now we use it to additionally store published action framework using our custom template component with action framework.