Create a scheduler in skuid

I have a requirement to save models automatically every 5mins. I tried to create settimeout function. But in the latest version, the JS Inline snippet doesn’t trigger on page load. Is there any other options?

I use this online snippet on a V1 page to requery a model every 5 seconds. Has worked perfectly for a couple years. You have to call it from an action. I use on on page render action sequence to launch it.

// To be used as an inline snippet
var model = skuid.$M(‘INSERT_YOUR_MODEL_NAME_HERE’),
refreshInSeconds = 5;

if (model) setInterval(function () {
}, refreshInSeconds * 1000);

Your snippet is triggered only when a page loaded correct? My requirement is to trigger the snippet every 5 mins.

Page render action triggers the snippet to run. The snippet has a loop built in that continuously runs at the designated interval so it would accomplish what you are looking for.

We published an example snippet for periodic reloading of a page’s model in our Skuid Labs repository. Check it out here: