Create a page where users can chat with a PDF

AI as the subject of hype and excited conversation is all well and good, but how does it actually improve daily workflows for users? Let’s go through a real use case you can implement right now with ChatPDF :arrow_down:

The blog contains detailed instructions for setting up a page where you can chat with PDFs. You can also find the pages and design system at skuid-labs/experiments/dataSources

What content would you like users to chat with?
  • product documentation
  • procedure manuals
  • marketing materials
  • other (reply with your ideas)
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So many ideas… product documentation, product training… The dream is that someone could ask a chatbot a technical question about Skuid and get a smart answer compiled from documentation and Skuid Skool :heart_eyes:

How about we teach AI to build pages for us with simple commands:
To create a skuid page, to update a page , create charts…

Looking forward to retirement :smiley:

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