create a nested queue where the second queue would display the unique picklist values of a specific

Hi! I am attempting to create a nested queue for Campaigns and Campaign members where the first queue listed all of the active campaigns, the second queue would display the unique values of the status of the members (we have approx. 3 [invited, attending, responded]), and the third page include would show a table listing all of the members that have the selected unique status. Is there a way to only list those 3 picklist values in the 2nd queue? I know I could do this using a table and filters but I was wondering if this would be possible with a nested queue as well? Thank you!

This could be done a couple different ways. You can use a “Queue within a Queue” approach by adding a “open/close a drawer” action to your top Queue, with the contents of this drawer simply being another Queue. This inner Queue could then be an Aggregate Model on the CampaignMember object, grouped by unique Status values, so that you would get the unique Status values for your org.

Here is the XML for a sample page that does this without any Page Includes at all, just using Action Framework:

IF({{{status}}}=="Responded","sk-icon-tasks-open","sk-icon-send-email") SelectedCampaign CampaignMembers {{{status}}} {{Name}} {{Model.labelPlural}} Home Campaign {{Model.labelPlural}} Contact Lead

This is better than what I was looking for! Thanks Zach!