Create a drop down menu from a reference field from a related object

hello everyone, Have another request that may already be out there but couldn’t find what I was looking for in regards to Table Filters.

I have a table with a where the model’s Salesforce Object is the Opportunity.

The field I want to filter on is related to the Account as a reference field from the opportunity.

How can I create a drop down list of the avaiable reference accounts from my filter? I currently get an input field that gives me a list of accounts when I type inside the search field.

My Filter Properties are shown below:

Thank you once again skuid community!

What kind of field is Chain__c?

It’s an Account lookup field…

Hmmm … so it’s a lookup from Account to Account?

From Opportunity to Account…

Account.Chain__c from the Opportunity object? Account is the Account Lookup, whereas Chain__c is … ?

Hmmm, the Chain__c is a formula field when viewed from the SF UI, but shows up as a Reference field in Skuid…

However, from the SF UI the formula field on the Opportunity Fields page, the api formula field shows as: 

On the Account Fields page, Chain__c is a filtered Account field that filters certain Account record types. 

Huh … Chain__c is a formula field that shows as a lookup? To what? Totally confused. Can you take a screenshot of the field detail in Setup menu? Can you also include the XML for the page here?