Crazy SF Flow anyone?

Thought I’d post this for fun.

Now this took approx. 8 hours to build and another 4 hours to test.

I could have done this in an hour tops in Skuid, but needed to be server side since it’s triggered by Apex on the first of every month.

Now, with Skuid Platform Server Side Action Framework Workflows, I’d be done and done in no time flat.

Wow, why did you go with flow as opposed to Apex?

Yes. As doing Apex and it’s associated test class would take a very long time and only one person on the team has the skills. Flow is fairly straightforward. I’d prefer to use javascript though. :wink:

Ah gotcha. 

hmm. That makes me think of a question. I’ll post it on the idea.

A few edge cases later.

Wow. Talk about ‘clicks not code.’

… What if it’s possible to create this in skuid and have apex screen scrape the value skuid generates.
Not that I have no clue what you’re doing :). And the time it takes to write the screen scraper would probably be approximate to the time it would take to transform this into apex code.

This would have been so much easier as a skuid server side implementation.

That would be ideal. Is there any way to PM you?

Sure. Skype. Pat.vachon.77