CPQ Product Rules in Skuid

I’m attempting to create a new Skuid page that I plan on leveraging for use with Salesforce CPQ. One of the things I’d like to see if the community has been able to implement is the Product Rule, Error Conditions, Price Actions and Configuration Rule objects within a skuid page.

Now, I know what you are asking yourself, Will…why are you recreating the Quoting experience of CPQ in Skuid? Well, cause a few reasons, 1. Skuid is better and 2. I need to be able to mass add products to multiple accounts at the same time in our architecture which relies on a Quote Line Fields. Reps dont like taking 12 hours to build a quote that can be done in 5 minutes with Skuid…

For Example, I want the ability to mass add 40 Quote Lines of a Bundle and then add 40 components of that bundle to the quote for each quote line. This way we have one bundle with one product within it. As we add other products that have product rules we need to enforce, we need to ensure that the skuid page cannot add things disallowed by the product rule we have already implemented.

https://force365.files.wordpress.com/2018/03/salesforce-cpq-object-model.pdf provides a good overview of the objects and how they are related.

Basically, I need to enforce the error conditions first, then find which product rules and price actions to enable or disable.

I’ve already figured out the UI aspect of enabling or disabling particular rows, (cause skuid is great), but I wanna leverage the CPQ product rules to have conditionals on when those price actions are enabled or disabled.

Open to ideas on how to make this happen!