"Could not find the authenticating server" While connecting to Paypal REST Api


We are currently trying to access the Paypal REST Api.
Everything is set up according to their documentation. (https://developer.paypal.com/docs/api/)

As a test, we tried to do a simple GET to list the payments. /v1/payments/payment
The login popup opens, and the login succeeds. But afterwards, Skuid is showing an error saying that it could not get the authenticating server together with the Token URL.

I think this happens, because the domain for Token and Auth Server are different (sandbox.paypal and api.sandbox.paypal)

I’ve had the same error before while trying to connect to the FitBit API (https://dev.fitbit.com/docs/oauth2/) where they’re also using different servers.

Does anyone know a solution to that?

Did you ever get the paypal integration to work?