Copying XML from Sandbox to Production shows up as a blank screen

When copying/pasting XML from Sandbox to Production the page in production shows up as a blank screen even though all the XML code is there. Is copying/pasting the XML not part of best practices? This is something we do all the time and could potentially be a big problem

Skuid Version
Sandbox: 10.0.4
Produciton: 9.5.12

Should be fine. Is it a child page though?

It is a child page. Same Master Page in production and sandbox.

Did you update the child page or create from new page? From new page wouldn’t not work since the Skuid page record would require a reference to the master page.

Ahh, so if I do a create from a new page it won’t work. I have to select “Use Master Page” then paste the XML.

Umm … few ways. Easiest would be to create an empty child page with the same name and subsequently updates it’s xml via copy/paste.

These are great questions Pat. I just tried to copy and paste a page from 10.0.7 to 9.5.14 and it worked.

Thanks Pat!

Child pages need a little finaggling. :wink: