Copy URL Ctrl + c and then Paste with Button

From button can I perform Ctrl+v to a field?

How it would work:
I copy the URL from another browser session by pressing Ctrl + c. I now return to the Skuid page and want to press a Skuid button “Copy”. This would an action to paste the copied URL to a salesforce field. The field I am coping to is not yet visible on the page. Once copied I condition a non-editable field on the Skuid page to show.

You could do some like the following:

  • Add render condition on the field, to not render if it does not have value. Also, add enable condition on the field so it is always disabled.
  • When the button is pressed it calls JS Snippet.
    • Where the JS snippet access the clipboard to retrieve the coppied value.
    • Calls model.updateRow(r, {idField: coppiedValue});

The only difficulty is accessing clipboad, as JS does not provide a clear way of interacting with clipboad. Google results brings up navigator.clipboard.readText(), but I don’t know if that will work.

There must be a method to copy what is on the clipboard to a field with “Actions”

Bill - its an interesting idea, but Skuid has not yet attempted to create an Action that would retrieve field contents to the users clipboard - or populate data from the users clipboard.

Lukas is correct - its a custom solution for the time being - and a problematic one because of the differences in browser and OS implementation of Clipboard support.

Thanks. Skuid responses to issues have become so much quicker in the past ½ year. Keep it up.



Appreciate the compliment. We try…