Copy search box data


In the list search box I have typed a 10 digit number. When the search returns no matches I show a popup. How can copy the data typed in the search box to another field? I want to eliminate the user having to retype the 10 digit number again.

Hmmmm… maybe

  1. hide the search box on the component
  2. create a UI only model
  3. add field editor/form with a field to collect the search term
  4. add a button labeld “search”
  5. add actions to the button to activate and set value of model condition and query the model.

So it is like a synthetic search component that will save the search term value in the UI only model for future use.

Oh Mr Skuidward - that is such a horrible workaround. We would NEVER recommend that
(He says sheepishly as he thinks about all the times that has been the recommendation…)

With the Chicago release - we introduced the concept of “component specific merge values” and started rolling it out with the search component. You are in luck!!

See the release notes here:

See the documentation here:

That is very nice. When I am typing a phone number a list is presented. Is there a method to determine if there are no matches? Like rendering conditioning an object “Model Property” “does not have rows”?

I would like a popup to appear if there are no matches I can pass {{$}} in a page include.

But I need to know if there are no matches.

Bill - it seems you’d want to pass the search string into a condition and query that model. This would give you the results. You could also add a branch in the sequence that opened the modal if no rows were returned by the query.