Copy/paste from a template pop up

Our client success team is copy/pasting a bunch of different fields from a Case into a calendar invite when working with our clients.  I’d like to be able to give them a pop up that combines all of the info onto a single space to copy/paste into a GCal invite. 

The template works and looks exactly how we want, but when you copy/paste into GCal, the formatting goes whacky and templated pieces show up on different lines.  This example shows a name with a title on the same line in the pop up and the subsequent pasted version in Google calendar.

Any ideas on how to make this:

Not show up like this:


Joe, for your merges, try using triple-braces around the person’s Title, like this:

{{Name}} {{{Title}}}

The double-braces actually wraps the output in HTML tags, such as a

, so that is probably what is causing the formatting to look strange when you copy and paste it.

Thanks, Zach.  I just tried that and it works like a charm.  I had to do it on the Contact.Name also but it looks great.  I thought it might’ve been a limitation within GCal.

What are the pros/cons of double vs triple braces?

Triple braces === the raw data. No formatting, no special rendering, just the data. 
Double braces === formatted data.


{{{Name}}}: John Smith
{{Name}}: John Smith

{{{CreatedDate}}}}: 2013-04-13T16:24:00.000Z
{{CreatedDate}}: 4/13/2013 4:24 PM

When outputting to the screen for users to read, you usually want double-braces. When you’re trying to get at a specific data value, for a URL redirect merge, or for updating data in Models or setting Conditions for Model queries, you want the triple-braces.