convert model and component to JS utilities

I’ve been working with creating dynamic models and components. The tutorial does a good job of showing how it’s done, but the process is repetitive and tedious for creating very little compared to the typical way creating a page.

Can you create utilities for converting models and components into the JS code? It would be very very useful.

Can you post the code that your using? It can probably be optimized in some way…

The code I’m using works fine. It’s the creation of this code that I’d like a utility for.

var allModels = []; var currentTimeEntryModel = new skuid.model.Model(); currentTimeEntryModel.objectName = 'Time_Entry_CB__c'; = 'CurrentTimeEntry'; currentTimeEntryModel.recordsLimit = 1; currentTimeEntryModel.fields = [ { id: 'End_Time__c' }, { id: 'Start_Time__c' }, { id: 'Unique_Time_Entry__c' }, { id: 'Unique_Time_Entry__r.Name' }, ]; currentTimeEntryModel.doQuery = true; currentTimeEntryModel.conditions = [ { enclosevalueinquotes: false, field: 'End_Time__c', inactive: false, name: 'End_Time__c', operator: '=', type: 'blank', value: 'null' } ,{ enclosevalueinquotes: true, field: 'Time_Entry_for__c', inactive: false, mergefield: 'userid', operator: '=', originalInactive: false, type: 'userinfo' } ]; allModels.push(currentTimeEntryModel); // Initialize each of our Models // so that they have index maps created // and other internal guts, // then register them with Skuid // so that Skuid officially knows about them $.each(allModels,function(){ // Register each of our Models with Skuid this.initialize().register(); }); // Load all Models --- this will: // (a) populate all metadata // (b) run the queries on the models skuid.model.load(allModels);<br>

There was a sigh and grimace in the dev cave this morning.  Your idea is good,  but it just represents more we ‘should’ do.   Thanks for keeping them coming.   We’ll keep the ideas in the backlog…