Convert Business Account to Person Account

Hi Team,

Can you please help me to update the recordtype id on Account on click button, I am not able to do the same ?

I was using “Run Multiple Action”, and in action Given the recordtype id of account and save changes in model.

When i click the button, it gives me error - “cannot specify any additional fields when marrying or separating a person-account”


The steps:
1. Manipulate the data such that the following conditions are met:
a. For each intended Person Account, one (and only one) Contact record exists under the Account record.
b. The Account and Contact have the same record owner.
c. The Account and Contact have the same currency values (if applicable).
d. The Parent Account field on the Account and the Reports To field of the Contact are both blank.
e. The Account is not set as the Parent Account of any other Account records.
f. The Contact is not set as the Reports To of any other Contact records.

2. Using the data migration tool of your choice (i.e. something like the Data Loader), change the record type of the target Account to the desired Person Account record type.

Other Considerations/Recommendations:
1. The Account Name field will be permanently overwritten by the First Name and Last Name of the Contact record, but not the Contacts Salutation. If the original Account Name and Salutation are required, this information should be mapped to custom fields prior to conversion.

2. For any Account and Contact fields that have the same field label, only the original Account fields are available to be added to the Person Account page layout. These fields include Phone, Fax, Description, Created By info, Last Modified info, and Last Activity info. The data in these fields could be mapped to custom fields and then exposed on the Person Account page layout.
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Hi freddy,

Sorry for late response, We have followed your points prior to convert , but still the issue are same. 

Error - “cannot specify any additional fields when marrying or separating a person-account”

In my action, I am only assigning recordtypeid and not other fields.



If you are trying to use Skuid to make the change to the RecordType of the Account, I would create a separate model to handle this change.  The separate model should have only the Id and RecordTypeId fields in it.

I think in your current setup, your model has other fields related to the Account.  When you save this model, Skuid is sending an update request using all of the fields in your model.  This is why you see the error.