Controlling the % calculation used in Charts

This may be a long shot, but here goes…

Does anyone know any way of overriding what data the % calculation in donut type (or any other type for that matter) charts use? 

Heres my use case:

I have a custom object called ‘Stage History’ (a child of our ‘Application’ object) that is used in my org to capture the history of a 20+ stage process an ‘Application’ goes through in our business. An Average record in that object holds data like:

Stage, Completed By, Completed Date/Time (plus some other data not relevant to report).

As an Application moves through our process, records are created in this object so an application that progressed right through might have 20-30 records in this Stage history table.

I’m trying to create a waterfall type report that is going to show my sales drop off at each stage, something like the following (but in prettier Skuid form):

I’m able to produce the ‘Unit’ data but does anyone have any ideas how I might be able to produce the % figures in Skuid?

My only other option currently is creating some sort of VF page (and I really dont want to go down that route if I can avoid it).

Thanks in advance for any help.


Looks like a custom snippet to create the series. That’s quite likely possible. The highcharts api is pretty good. I’d venture to say it would be a half day effort for some really experienced in the api.

Looks to me like you want your series to be doing calculations on the fly and charting those values,  rather than just reading data from your models.  This is a perfect scenario for a before render snippet,  used to do the calculation and create a series on the fly.  This has been discussed here.