Control redirect URL after deleting calendar event

When I delete an event in a calendar view, the redirect after the delete goes to a standard Salesforce calendar link “/00U/o”, which isn’t relevant for our users. How can I control that redirect URL?

Glenn,  let me clarify.  I think you have a custom popup on the calendar  that has a delete button. The standard popup seems to appropriately remove the event,  and just leave the user on the calendar page. But the custom popup seems to redirect innapropriately after the delete action.   I think we have a bug…  

Hey Rob … I haven’t tested it with a standard popup. But yes, the custom scenario you describe is right: I’m using a custom popup and the delete does remove the event, but then it redirects the user to “/00U/o”.

Does anyone have an updated answer to this question?  I’m experiencing a similar obstacle on a custom Queue Case page that redirects the user back to the standard Case page after deleting a queued case record.  Ideally, I’d like to redirect the user back to my custom Skuid Case Queue page.

The current behavior of skuid is to send the user back to the “tab” view of the primary object that is being deleted.  If your Case Queue page is overriding the tab action for the case object then you should get the behavior you are after.  You may need more flexibility than that…

Can I bump this question again about the ‘after delete redirect url’?

We have a custom object which has 2 record types, and we have created a custom tab page for each record type. The relevant tab page is assigned depending on what page assignments we have set up.

When a user deletes a record, they are redirected back to the default Salesforce Tab page for the object (not one of the custom tabs, depending on the record type of the object which was deleted).

Is it possible to override the redirect url depending on the record type of the object being deleted? 

or if it not, just redirect the user back to the home page?

+1 to this.

When deleting objects related to an object its very annoying go to the global list of the deleted object

As an update, here’s a good alternative to the standard Delete button in Skuid:

When working on a custom popup for a calendar event, you could run actions that (1) mark record for deletion, (2), save the model, and (3) close the popup.

Greg, while you might not be able to conditionally redirect to a url based on record type right now, you could conditionally render different “Delete” buttons for different redirects based on record type.

Thanks Emily, appreciate the followup.