Context for drawers - Field and Merge Field - What am I not understanding?

Working on using Drawers(with a table) on a table again. Having a time getting the context worked out.
Not sure if I’m finding a bug, but when I select the field for context on the drawer-table, the field picker is for the same object for both the Field and Merge field

For the Field

For theMerge Field

Images look the same, but they’re not, which is the issue.

In my understanding, the Field -field picker- is correctly showing fields for the components model (The drawer table in this case, NPSP_payment object)

BUT, the Merge Field -field picker- should be showing filed for the context model.(?) in this case the table that contains this drawer uses an Opportunity Model.

However, the Merge field field picker, is also showing the fields for the drawer component model (NPSP_payment object). For this setup at least, there was a field called Id that I could match it to, but it’s not that way in other use cases.

Thanks for any pointers.

Note also, Skuid sample page for drawers doesn’t seem to ‘work’ with current Skuid.

It runs ok, but editing the Before load actions tab of the drawer, shows actions ‘setConditon’ and ‘requertModel’ which don’t exist as such in Edinburgh Update 1 (

I’ve found SkuidSkool and documentation less than helpful too.

Product Issue: context conditions

Hi Seth, thanks for reporting. This is definitely a product issue. I’ve been able to reproduce it and logged it with the product team as high priority.

Issue: Context condition builder in the Composer doesn’t work for drawer, modal, or sliding panel. Merge field reads from the wrong model.

Workaround: Context itself still works at runtime if you insert the correct field name. Choose a field on the drawer/modal model with the same name or go into the XML and insert the appropriate field name

Sample Page - old action names

Thanks also for reporting the issue where the Drawers sample page shows weird action names. Glad to hear it’s still working, though. If you are a GitHub user and feel so inclined you can submit the corrected XML in a pull request. (I’ve also put this on my list to update soon so it won’t fall through the cracks.)

Skuid Skool / Docs

Thanks for your candid feedback here. When you said you didn’t find these helpful, was it specifically in regards to the product issue above? Was there something else you were looking for and not finding? We appreciate the feedback and will use it to continue to improve these resources so they’re as helpful as possible to Skuid builders.