Contest: Resolve to Get Skuid Certified in 2024

Happy New Year from Cal and Mari!

What will you resolve to do this new year? Win three gold medals in the 2024 Summer Olympics? Run for president? Hike solo across Antarctica? Achieve world peace?… :thinking:

Let’s set an accomplishable New Year’s resolution: become Skuid certified. If you study just one hour a day for six weeks, you can learn everything you need to know to pass your certification exam.

Get certified in 2024 - Cal and Mari in party hats with festive lanterns

When you get Skuid certified, you can improve your skills for your career. Plus, if you resolve to get certified and register before March 31, you could win* a prize.

Here’s how to win:

  1. Submit the form on the New Year’s Contest page to commit to get certified. We’ll help you stay on track by sending reminder emails.

  2. Register for the certification exam on the Skuid Skool certification page before March 31.

Once you have completed the requirements, you’ll be sent a Skuid swag box. And don’t forget you still win regular Skuid Skool prizes for completing courses!

It’s estimated only 8% of people actually do what they resolve to do. Will you be in that 8%? It’s an easy challenge: we know you’re up to it. Cal & Mari have created a 6 week study schedule to help you reach your goal. You can print it out and check off the courses as you complete them.

Swim together

At Skuid Skool, we swim together. We’ll send you reminders swimmingly along the way.

Let’s swim together so you can achieve your goal of becoming a Skuid expert! The contest details can be found below.

Happy New Year!
Cal & Mari