Content Deliveries Visualforce Page

First of all, this is my first question on the Skuid Community (after lurking around finding answers to my other questions for the past several weeks) and I want to thank everyone on here for their valuable responses and ideas! I am working with Salesforce Content and am wondering how to integrate a Skuid page for Content Deliveries in to Salesforce. I don’t see any VisualForce pages to override for Content and I am wondering if there is another way to do this? Content/Files are a big part of the customizations I am doing at the moment and if anyone has more resources on how to integrate Skuid with these components I would be extremely grateful!

The comments of this post should give you a good head start:

Thanks Raymond. As a follow-up, any resources on pulling in tags from content as well?

I believe tags are on the ContentVersion object along with all custom fields.