Contact social media link not working when open record from queue


I am using Queue in Contact Skuid Page there i am showing Contact record detail page, but when i am doing this from queue Social Media Links are not working where as when i am opening record without queue then they are working correctly.

Please find below screen shot for Contact record when i am opening that from Queue

Please find below the screen shot for the Contact Record where Social Media Links are working when i open record in separate window

Please confirm me about this issue.Looking ahead for quick response.


The Social Contact/Account/Lead area is based on the social:profileViewer Visualforce component, which unfortunately, like the Chatter Feed component, does not work well when dynamically loaded into a page.

An alternative is to use a Template component with an Iframe to include this page — this should make it work better in the Queue:

The Template’s body could be something like this:

Hi Zach,

I tried it but still got the same issue links are not working.Now they are not working on even Contact record detail page without queue.:frowning:

Can you please confirm what could be the issue here?


Hi Arpit,

I have taken a further look at this, and you are right, the iFrame approach is not going to work either.

Unfortunately I think that the answer is that we do not support the use of the Social Lead/Contact/Account component from within Queues. Salesforce makes it very difficult to use this component dynamically within a page — it is either loaded initially on page load, or it doesn’t work.