Contact Mailing Address - Shows as [object Object]

I’m working with cases. I am showing account/contact info, and have selected the appropriate fields in the CaseData model.

If I show “Contact.MailingStreet” it shows the correct street field contents.
If I show “Contact.MailingAddress”, it shows [object Object] as show below.

As far as I can tell, I have proper permissions and everything. Usually with bad field permisions, it’s blank anyway.

Is this a bug?

Hi Seth,

We haven’t implemented a standard renderer for the fields of the combined “Address” type yet in Skuid, we usually encourage people to drag a Template field into a Field Editor / Table and then define their own combined address field that way, by adding individual component fields within the Template. 

For instance, for a Contact Mailing Address, your Template might be:

{{MailingCity}}, {{MailingState}} {{MailingPostalCode}}

Zach – wrong thread.