Console visualforce page record hyperlink not opening new console tab

We have the standard Account page layout which we are opening from Service Cloud Console, the Account page layout has a Skuid visualforce page embedded.
 Page loads fine and includes a table of related cases, though when we click the Case Number it opens in itself, rather than a new console tab&#46; If we open a case from standard related list, it pops out into new tab and sits under account&#46; Skuid visualforce page code: <apex:page action="{!redirect}&amp;page=InternalAccountDetail" extensions="skuid&#46;Redirects" standardController="Account"> 



In the Skuid page itself, try using a template field with something similar to this: <a href=“/{{{Id}}}“target=”_blank”>{{{Name}}} and see if it opens the record in a new window or not.


Hi Karen

Thanks though I can’t get this to work. Added template field but shows some HTML, sometimes kind of works. Tried Allow HTML. Also I took a curly bracket off each which showed the value.

With this:
<a href=“/{{Id}}“target=”_blank”>{{Name}}

I get this on the preview:

Which is a hyperlink with following link when hovering:


In the salescloud console you need to use the “skuid:page” visualforce component method of doing redirects.  Look here:…

and here