Console.table() - A Better Way to Debug using your Browser Console

Many of us are familiar with using console commands such as


I recently discovered that we can use console.table()… Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Returns the data in a model

**console.table(skuid.$M('ModelName').data, ['Id', 'Name', 'Status\_\_c']);**

Returns the data for specific fields in a model


Returns the properties of all the fields in a model


Returns the properties of all the conditions in a model


Returns a list of all Models

**console.table(skuid.model.getModelsList(), ['id', 'objectName', 'recordsLimit', 'canRetrieveMoreRows', 'orderByClause']);**

Returns a list of all Models with specific Model properties selected

And the best part is, any of these tables can be dynamically ordered!

Shout out to Stephen Sells for inspiring this post. Some more useful Console Commands can be found at his post here.


This is cool!



Very very cool!

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A link to Mozilla’s document page about ‘console’:

Thanks again Roman!


Thanks Bill! Upon discovery, I knew this would become an invaluable tool for many of us here.

Personally, I never enjoyed calling skuid.$M(‘ModelName’); and then needing to drill down manually to 2 or 3 more levels to get the info I was actually looking for.

console.table() makes it so much easier to visually grasp.

I love this post.

Agreed. Very cool find.