Console errors related to font on page load inside managed package namespace

Since upgrading to Brooklyn (10.0.1), every page inside of our managed package namespace triggers many ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ errors in the console. Page performance seems to be the same, but I would like to prevent these.

It looks like the page is trying to access an OpenSans font inside a resource located in the Skuid namespace. Is there a way to disable this? I am using a basic font for the theme.

The errors only show when viewing the page through a VF page in our namespace. There are no errors when previewing the page in the Skuid namespace.

Are your themes up to date?

If you see that button, try giving it a click. What you’re seeing isn’t normal behavior and we don’t have reports of it elsewhere. I’m glad to hear that it isn’t interrupting page performance but it sounds annoying all the same

Yes, themes are up to date. It likely has to do with the managed package namespace calling the Skuid static resource - but I am not certain. 

Puzzling. What does your VF configuration for this page look like?

Most pages are called the same way. It happens on all of our pages in our namespace:

<pre><apex:page standardController="Account" title="{!Account&#46;Name}" standardStylesheets="false" showChat="false" sidebar="false" showHeader="false"> <skuid:page objecttype="Account" actiontype="View" /> </apex:page>

Do you see it in preview or only on the page when you open it up in SF? If you only see the problem in SF, then it could be a visualforce issue. If you can see it when you press preview from the page builder, then we might be dealing with something else.

What version are you currently on?

This is with version 10.0.1. I identified the issue - the theme made reference to an external font that was hosted in the Skuid namespace. Viewing this through another package’s namespace (i.e. through our package’s visualforce) caused an issue. It looks like web fonts have changed on the theme side since we last updated Skuid. I removed the reference to the resource and changed it to a new Google font which worked without errors. 

Glad to hear it. Thanks for putting the answer on the community for others to glean from.