Console error on .getTime() in IE11 and Firefox

Several users are not able to load a certain page include in IE or Firefox. I tested in IE11 and confirmed that the include returns this console error:

Works fine in Chrome.

I believe that the problem may be with this custom field renderer:

'renderTime': function (field, value) {    var formattedTime =  $t.formatTime("h:mm a", $t.parseSFDateTime(value));
    skuid.ui.fieldRenderers.TEXT[field.mode](field, formattedTime);

Where $t = skuid.time, and the field in question is a DATETIME.

It is me or is it skuid?

Hmm, well I was wrong about the field renderer being the problem. The page still returns the same error if I use the standard renderer for that field.

Any way you can post a screenshot of the full call stack for that error?

Absolutely… if you can tell me how to do it in IE11.

This is where the error is happening:

That code is deep in the datepicker code of JQueryUI. Are you doing anything custom with datepickers?


Can you grant access to Skuid and then send me an email with the page name and org id?


Ok, this should be fixed in the next update of Skuid. It has to do with your date filter not liking the condition value of LAST_N_DAYS:4. So a workaround for now would be to remove that default value for the condition.

Thanks, Ben. Later this week, right?


Good. I can wait that long.

This should be fixed in Banzai Update 5. Available from the page.