Connecting to Zoho Reports Data

Has anyone looked into creating a connection between the skuid platform and Zoho reports. I have data that resides within a Zoho Reports database that I would like use as a data source within a skuid platform app. I would like to leverage Skuid’s REST connector — but I’m not sure what I would need to Know about Zoho’s “REST style API” – basically what questions would I need to ask Zoho.

If this is possible – I believe it would be a great benefit to other customers as well – who would like to move from salesforce or who are not as backend savy and want to create a great app using Skuid – And need a user-friendly data management solution.

I appreciate any advice - 

Below is a brief description from the Zoho Reports API Documentation 

Zoho Reports offers a powerful REST style API (Application Programming Interface) that can be used by Independent Software Vendors, Developers and System Integrators to build powerful reporting and analytical capabilities into their applications. Its a HTTP based Web API, that responds to requests in XML or JSON  format making it programming-language-neutral, thus enabling application development/integration in any programming language (Java, C#, Python, PHP, C, C++ etc) you know.

Hi Rocketc. As far as I’m aware, we have not made an attempt to test a connection to this vendor, but it looks like Zoho Reports can serve data in JSON, which is what Skuid needs. If you haven’t run across it yet, provides more details.