connect salesforce as another user

is it possible to connect as another user to create models?
For example I want to create a chart based on all won opportunities in the org and show this chart to all salespeoples.


I think you can setup a datasource to your current Salesforce org.  I think you would need to use custom Apex Authentication for access as the other option is Oauth (which will use the currently logged in user’s credentials).

I think the better option is to create a custom object with the fields from the Opportunity record that you want to report on (Amount, CloseDate; etc.).  Then setup a Reporting Snapshot to ‘copy’ the opportunity data to the new object.  You can provide all of your sales user’s ‘View All’ access to the custom object to enable reporting on all won opportunities.



Hi Andrea, if you’re still working on this, I wanted to add to Bill’s suggestion and point out that Skuid won’t be able to expose any data to a user that would normally be invisible. In other words, when Skuid pulls data, it will always honor Salesforce security and permissions settings. So, if you need to show a chart that requires data that some users can’t see, then Bill’s idea of creating some kind of snapshot would be a good way to go. 

Thank you Bill, thank you MArk. 
According to your experience isn’t it possible to create another data source that connect as another user at the same time for another model?