I’m getting this very strange message…even though I am selecting one of the active and available picklist options…

Any ideas as to why this error message is being thrown?

Do you have a record type that doesn’t have these options available for it?

Count it! Pat for the win.

And if I may also ask…what’s the easiest way to assign record type conditions within models? I always end up having to use the Record Type ID, since I never seem to be able to get RecordType.Name or RecordType.DeveloperName to work.

You could add a model for the RecordType object and subsequently use the Name for the record in order to get the Record Type Id. The advantage is that this works Sandbox and Production. Disadvantage is that there’s an extra model, potentially, added to the load time. Especially if another model uses the Record Type Id(s) to subsequently load it’s records. 2 vs 1 SOQL.

Ahh, ok I see. Good to know. Thanks!