Configurable columns in tables on the development map?

Is there any potential of end-user configurable columns on the development map this year (add/remove visible columns on tables)?

It is certainly somthing we’ve talked about.  But its currently just at the “cool idea” stage.  Customers have suggested that we cannot really match the standard salesforce list view functionality because we lack this.  Sooo… I’m going to change this to an idea under consideration. If it would be helpful to others - vote it up! 

Thanks, Rob. We pitched a large potential client last week and I was batting a thousand with my Skuid-built interface until they specifically asked for configurable columns. There are a couple “second best” opitions, like exporting to excel or using tabs to display different sets of columns, but it would be nice to be able to show or hide columns in the table. A practical solution might be conditional rendering of columns. Then I could add all the columns to the table and set rendering per column based on UI only checkboxes or a custom slasforce object to store the user’s particular settings. Not essential though. Thanks for the consideration.

This has been long talked about in many different threads and scenarios and I think should become a stock feature.  

The workarounds to account for not having it are incredibly verbose, difficult to maintain and introduce significant risk in development.  For example, let’s say a table has 10 possible fields to show.  In some cases, only 9 should show and in some cases 10.  Just this one column difference currently requires an duplicate copy of the exact table where the table itself is conditionally rendered in/out.  Add more combinations of the same columns that need to show/hide and the maintenance becomes overwhelming especially when certain fields in the table need specific configuration (e.g. search fields, filters, etc.)  Throw in Raymond’s requirement of “user configurable show/hide of columns” and there really isn’t a good story for this currently.

Glad to see this idea getting the traction it deserves!

+1 for conditional columns!