Conditions query not returning correct records

I am trying out Skuid for Salesforce and creating a proof-of-concept demo for my bosses. I am trying to query records related to another record via a condition and am running into issues.

My current structure is:

- (child) Parameters
- (child) RFQ/Quote Materials

I am wanting to return the RFQ/Quote Materials records in a “drawer” under the Parameter record. There can be N:Parameter Records for every 1 RFQ. And, N:RFQ/Quote Materials records for every 1: Parameter Records.

This is my condition under my RFQ/Quote Materials record:

When I view the RFQ/Quote Materials record under the associate Parameter I do not get the correct associated record:

The “Related Parameter” record should not be Silo to Use Bins. It should be Use Bins to JBC.

What am I missing? I have had great success using this type of condition logic on other records. I simply cannot get this one to work correctly.


Click on the table in your drawer and look for the property called Context.  Setting this will filter your child records to the correct Parameter record.  Also make sure that when you query for results in your drawer that you are using the setting called ‘Get more results and merge…’.



Yes.  What Bill said…