Conditions on 'Old Value' and 'New Value' on history object

I have history enabled on an object and have a model pulling from that history object. I am able to successfully run conditions on the ‘ParentId’ and ‘Field’ fields, but conditions on ‘OldValue’ and ‘NewValue’ are not working. I’m not sure if this is because the field type for these is ‘ANYTYPE’. I tried overriding the meta data to be string, and still was not able to run a condition on those two fields.

My end goal is to be able to see when a boolean field changes to ‘true’, who changed it and when. My first thought was to use the history object to do this. I realize I could write a trigger and record to a custom field or object, but would like to avoid that for simplicity if possible.

Anyone else experience similar issues?

I’m on Skuid 8.15.9 - I have not tried this on other Skuid versions.

Craig.   Unfortunately according to the salesforce docs for the field history object,  the OldValue and NewValue fields are not filterable.  See here:…

I don’t think you are going to have any luck here . Sorry. 

Thanks for the response Rob  I didn’t think to check the Salesforce side of it. I ended up using a trigger to write some values to a custom field which works just fine.