Conditions on Child Relationships in Models Not Updating when Model is Re-queried

I have a condition on a child relationship in my primary model that references a field from another model (filter model).

When I change the data in the filter model and re-query the primary model, the SOQL remains unchanged and does not reflect changes to the field in the filter model.

I believe this is a bug, I’m currently on 11.2.7.

^ when changing CertName in CertSubQFilter, then re-querying the model, changes are not reflected in resulting SOQL.

Are you also updating the CertSubQFilter model? I believe your query condition will always use CertName from the first row of the CertSubQFilter model.

The CertSubQFilter (Filter) model is a UI-Only model with one row. I am triggering a query of the primary model on save of CertSubQFilter model.

Can you reproduce it using common fields (like using default fields on Opportunities) and post the xml?