Conditions in a Popup

I have popups where conditions are not rendering. Here is the condition

I have exposed both ID’s

If I use “=” in the condition I get this

If I use “In” in the condition I get this

What needs to be changed?

Ok.  I’m not exactly sure what you are after.  But a few ideas: 

- Is this in a page include?  Then try testing a stand alone version of the page  - before you access it directly from within a page include. 

- In the second view, would you expect to only see one Chris.John.Whitacker? 

- Are you including the name field corresponding to your ID in your models - do you intend to see that? 

This is not a page include.  It happens in a popup.  The second view we should only see the 3rd items which has the matching Contact_Record_Id__c.  Yes, I have exposed the Name field.

This condition does work when not in a popup.

Is it possible to put conditions like I have done in a popup or drawer?