conditions for including 1 specific record and other records up to limit

Let’s say I have a model with a limit of 10 records, against an object with 100 records.
Is there any way to write conditions so that my model will include one specific record (through a url param or field from another model condition) as well as 9 other unspecified records up to the limit?

Hi Matt, that’s an interesting scenario. I have a couple basic thoughts to offer.

You could set up two models on the object: one with a condition looking for specified record, and a second that pulls 9 other records, without conditions, or with other conditions. Then you could run an action to adopt rows from the first into the second. 

You might also be able to do something similar with custom condition logic like “1 OR 2,” where condition 1 targets your one specified record, and condition 2 will match all records, or most records (perhaps looking for the “active” tag).