Conditionally Render Wizard Step Based on Record Type-BEFORE save

Hello all!
I have made a Wizard for submitting a Request to our team through Skuid. This Request has its own object in Salesforce. There are different record types for the requests, and there is one particular record type that has a different page layout in Salesforce, because there are about 20 extra fields required to submit with this record type of request; these extra fields are not required nor even relevant to any of the other record types for the request, however there are fields that are required and relevant for ALL record types.

Essentially I need to conditionally render these extra fields (and DEFINITELY make them required) for the one record type, but don’t need them to be visible or required for the other record types. The issue is, since the wizard is creating a record, the record type isn’t saved until all the required fields are filled out, thus I am having trouble figuring out how to conditionally render either a wizard step or conditionally render the fields, because the record isn’t technically created yet. 

Any suggestions and/or workarounds for this issue would be appreciated! Thanks

Do the users not select the Record Type as part of the wizard? I think that you’ll have to have your users choose the desired Record Type earlier in the wizard so that you can conditionally render fields later in the wizard.

They choose the record type in step 1 of the wizard

You should be able to create rendering conditions based on an unsaved record. Just create a normal ‘Model field value’ rendering condition, choose your model, field & value and that should work.

That would be great! I have attempted to conditionally render a button to navigate to the next step based on a field from the unsaved record, but have not been able to get it to work. To clarify, the value of the field I am trying to create a condition on is not saved yet, thus this is why I don’t think its working


  • Can you send me a screenshot of your rendering condition?
  • Is it possible, that there’s a confusion between RecordType and RecordType.Name?