conditionally render filter and conditionally render or make read-only table field

I’ve been using filter to set default values in tables.

There are two things I’d like to additionally be able to do.

  1. Conditionally render another filter on the same table. This would allow me set the default value for a field only when it’s relevant.
  2. Probably been said by many others by now, but I’d like to conditionally make fields in a table conditionally render or read only based on recordtype or a value from any other field.

Both seem really cool.  Both are not supported right now.  Thanks for continuing to think outside the box and push our product development…

Conditional rendering is available on table columns as of the Brooklyn release. There is a now a Rendering tab on the column properties when you select the column by clicking on it.

See the Table Component documentation for more information.

^^^ bump for conditional rendering of table filters ^^^